Aluminium Doors & Windows

Shopline Windows & Doors

Shopline is a non-thermal aluminium screen and door system for commercial and retail applications:

  • Comprehensive range of profiles sections available
  • Designed to be robust and durable in high traffic areas
  • Doors offer swing, rebated, auto swing and auto slide options

The Visofold series of slide-folding doors offer impressive opening apertures that can unite internal and external areas, creating unique living and social areas. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Features door systems tested to (depending on system):

  • U Values up to 1.5 W/m²K
  • Security tested to PAS 24: 2012
  • Weather tested to BS 6375 Part 1: 2009
  • Colour matched accessories now available. Speak with your supplier for details

Shopline Commercial Screening

Shopline is an economical aluminium screening system for commercial applications. With one of the most comprehensive range of profiles available. The Smarts Shopline an established and proven screening system. The system is designed to comply with demands of architects, local authorities and property managers for commercial projects around the UK. Shopline doors are designed to integrate with the Shopline Screen, providing an ideal solution for high traffic commercial entrances, such as schools, hospitals and commercial shops.

Commercial Screens & Glazing

Shopline is a modular screening solution, combining the benefits of off-site manufacture with on-site assembly. Screen modules are constructed offsite from square cut profiles joined using self tapping screws. These modules can then be rapidly assembled onsite, intuitively clipping together the mullions to form one continuous screen. This rapid assembly method offers an economical solution for low rise screening with slim sightlines of 50mm. Designed for the UK climate, all fixings on the screen are manufactured from corrosion resistant material to provide protection from both atmospheric and electrolytic degradation. The system offers drainage trays, ensuring the screens performance in all weathers.


Shopline profile can be supplied Polyester power coated which is ideally suited to demands of commercial applications. Painted to BS 6496 including Qualicoat standards, Shopline profiles are typically painted to 60 microns which complies with the requirements necessary to achieve a 25 year guarantee and ensures the quality and longevity of the Shopline screen system.

Commercial Doors

The shopline screening suite integrates a range of commercial entrance doors. Versatile in application and scope, the Shopline system includes solutions for single and double commercial doors. The doors are specifically designed for hevy duty applications such as schools and hospitals. A fringe of options is available that enable compliance with DDA & Document M legislation including low threshold and anti-finger trap.

Swing Doors

Swing doors utilise the Adams Rite ARC-51 Overhead transom concealed door closer in a range of strengths for doors up to 1100mm width and 2500mm in height. Also available is a range of floor/threshold pivots for use with the overhead closer for door weights up to 110kgs.

Rebated Doors

Rebated doors are face mounted on flag hinges with the option of a face mounted door closer. The system benefits from increased opening angle of 180 degrees and is ideal for more exposed locations with the extra weather protection offered by the additional rebate.

Auto Swing/Auto Sliding Doors

For main commercial entrance doors Shopline is designed to provide automated swing opening using electrical sensors and actuators to operate swinging, sliding, and telescopic doors. Shopline offers profiles with a range of suited reinforced sections developed to securely mount a range of door automated actuators from different hardware from different hardware suppliers