Rapid Rise Doors

Rapid High Speed Doors Overview

Tomahawk high-speed doors have been designed for use in-stores, logistics centres, premises and any kind of productive plant with a constant flow of goods, always ensuring great tightness.

In Tomahawk Doors Limited we have a wide range of high-speed doors with a large selection of finishes and accessories depending on each customer's needs:

Rolling high speed-door - TD PRER

The Tomahawk high-speed door is made of PVC canvas with in reinforcements fixed to a metal frame with a geared motor worked by a control panel. It is a great application for indoor use.

Rolling high-speed door in aluminium frame - TD PRAE

The Tomahawk aluminium framed high-speed door works fast and silently. The main feature of this door is that its structure comes in anodised extruded aluminium that makes it lighter, cleaner and more rustproof than conventional high-speed doors.

Self-repairable high-speed door - TD PRAR

The Tomahawk self-repair high-speed door is provided with an exclusive self-repairable function. When it is accidentally hit, the canvas comes out of the guides without damaging any element of the structure. The door then automatically goes back into its guide and continues to work as normal. It is also characterised by its great tightness and wind resistance.

Folding high-speed door - TD PRPG

The Tomahawk fold is a high-speed door model for intensive use. It is a door that can be installed indoors and outdoors for use in practically any industrial sector.

Cold storage rolling high-speed doors - TD PRCS

The Tomahawk cold storage high-speed doors are particularly recommended for the work inside cold rooms at temperature ranges from 0°C to -30°C and continuous traffic. Their main purpose is to keep a check on the temperature with a minimum cost in energy.