Roller Shutter Doors

NBS: TD75A Punched Lath Roller Shutter Door


Commercial and Industrial sites requiring low to medium security for openings up to 50m². The TD75A offers a punched steel lath with 50% visibility while maintaining the security and flexibility of the TD75 Curtain. The punched curtain offers both vision into the opening and a high airflow.


Single Skin 75mm curved steel, with a thickness available in 0.7mm, 0.9mm or 1.2mm (dependent upon opening sizes and security requirements) with punched opening (130mm x 35mm) in brick bond or uniform style.

Finish: Galvanised Steel as standard. Also available in Plastisol and Polyester Powder Coated available upon request to any standard RAL/BS colour (additional charges apply)

Technical Specifications


Lath Size: 75mm
Weight per m²: 11kg Per Sq. M (0.7mm thickness)
13kg Per Sq. M (0.9mm thickness)
16kg Per Sq. M (1.2mm thickness)
Maximum Width: 10000mm
Maximum Area: 40m² (Tubular)
50m² (Outboard)


  • Galvanised steel hood & endplates are provided as standard. Optional fascia/customer design hoods are available upon request (additional charges apply).
  • Finish: Galvanised Steel finish as standard. Also available in Polyester Powder Coated upon request to any standard RAL/BS colour (additional charges apply).


  • Folded Steel Bottom Rail shaped in 'L' or 'T' Design.


  • Galvanised Steel Guide Channels available in 50mm; 65mm and 75mm dependent on application. 65mm and 100mm Wind Guide and end locks available.
  • Finish: Galvanised Steel finish as standard. Also available in Polyester Powder Coated upon request to any standard RAL/BS colour (additional charges apply).


Clear Opening Height (mm) Plate Size (mm) Motor
Up to 2500 305mm x 305mm Tubular Motor
Up to 3000 355mm x 355mm Tubular Motor
Up to 4500 400mm x 400mm Tubular Motor
4500 Upward 450mm x 450mm Tubular Motor
N/A 420mm x 420mm Outboard
N/A 560mm x 420mm Outboard
N/A 620mm x 420mm Outboard

Outboard Motor plate sizes are dependent on the motor usage and width of the curtain, they can also be customer designed to suit the user requirements.

N.B Plate sizes are indicative of what may be provided and may vary. These sizes apply to standard shutter roll methods only. Reverse rolled curtains will require larger casings than those shown.


Electric, Tubular Motor

Single Phase Tubular Motor with internal rocker switch or external key switch as standard & safety brake where appropriate to comply with legislation. Manual override facility & crank handles as required. Additional control options available including group controls; remotes and push button (additional charges apply).

Electric, Outboard Motor

Three Phase Outboard Motor with push button Operation, with Safety Break (where applicable), Chain Manual Override as standard

Manual, Pull Up/Pull Down

A counter-balanced spring and lock assembly is available for shutters up to 9m². Supply with Guide Mounted Pinlocks as standard

Manual, Hand Chain Operation

A counter-balanced helical 'loaded shutter' controlled via hand chain.

Both Electric Option are wired and commissioned by a qualified electrician. CE Compliant to all applicable directives and regulations.