Steel Hinged Doors

Acoustic Steel Hinged Doors

The Tomahawk acoustic door has been designed to offer a reduced noise barrier by absorbing sound and due to the insulation used can insulate any noise transference. Our acoustic steel hinged doors can reach the estimated db value between 38db and 55db dependent on size and the situation of the doorset. Our acoustic range are constructed from 1,5mm zintec steel and in addition to the acoustic rating offered, the doors also benefit from a design which prevents unauthorized entry.

The Tomahawk acoustic steel hinged doors are most suited to concert halls, broadcasting studios, residential entrances, plant rooms, hospitals, police interview rooms and medical rooms.

Technical Specification


Overall Thickness: 48mm to 55mm (Depending on DB rating)
Material: 1.5mm Zintec
Core Infill: Subject to DB rating


Manufactured from 1.5 zintec formed to single or double rebated profile in welded or knock down form, reinforced and fitted with fixing plates. Depth of frame can vary to suit brick, block, and steel work or to span a cavity.

Minimum Frame Depth: 76mm x 25mm Single Rebate
Minimum Frame Depth: 145mm x 38mm Double Rebate
Material: 1.5mm


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J.


Single Door: 1240 x 2400
Double Door: 2400 x 2400


Factory Finish Etch Prime, Powder Coated also Available.


  • Grade 304 Stainless steel Continuous butt hinges
  • Grade 304 Stainless steel Continuous dog bolt butt hinges
  • (Complies with EN 1935:2002)


  • NIL



  • Door sealed in frame with acoustic seals No's: stick on B zero D Line, adjustable B zero 770, drop A zero 367, centre A zero 383AA (Depending on the DB rating).