Steel Hinged Doors

Level 3 High Security Steel Hinged Doors

With Safety and Security increasingly becoming a concern across the UK, Tomahawk Doors offer an LPS 1175 level 3 tested steel hinged door that is available in single or double doors (outward opening only). The LPCB have tested our level 3 steel hinged door to withstand attack and unauthorized entry with heavy duty tools for up to 20 minutes. A large variety of locking systems can be specified including manual and electric as well as a wide choice of glazing units, louvre panels and removable transoms are also available.

Our Level 3 high security steel hinged door is the next step up from our level 2 high security steel hinged door and offers added security with the attack side made from 2.5mm zintec steel and the back face out of 1.5mm zintec steel giving it that more added protection to the level 2 high security door. The Tomahawk LPS 1175 level 3 door can be found in many locations such as housing associations, schools, universities, leisure facilities, retail outlets, banks and MOD buildings.

Technical Specification


Material: 2.5mm / 1.5mm Zintec attack face dependant on model with 1.5mm inner face.
Size: 45mm thick composite door leaf with 2.5mm thick anti-lever cover strip to closing edge
Weight: Approximately 40kg per square metre.
(Some models in our range have internal 2mm thick drill resistant manganese steel protection plate in attack face).


Material: 1.5mm Zintec steel (2.5mm / 1.5mm hinge jamb depending on model).
Profile: Single Rebated 45mm x 100mm.
Reinforcing: Single Rebated 45mm x 100mm.



  • Available as single, leaf and a half and double leaf door sets. Maximum size of 1240mm wide x
  • 2400mm high for single leaf door sets and 2400mm wide x 2400mm high for double leaf doorsets.
  • (Maximum sizes apply to achieve the security rating. Please ask for further details.)


  • Using high security locking from ASSA, Surelock McGill and Mico, a wide range of locks and panic furniture is available.
  • The passive leaf of Double leaf door sets are fitted as standard with top and bottom barrel bolts equipped with the facility for padlock or anti-tamper indicator. Alternatively integral bolts can be fitted which have to be locked secure before the active leaf will close.


One coat of grey etch primer as standard for on-site finishing or there is the option of a wide selection of powder coated colours from our own factory powder coating facility.


  • Many optional extras are available including external D pull handles, lever handles, ring pull, weather / smoke seal, kick and push plates, overhead door closers, heavy duty door stays, alarm contacts and electronic lock status monitoring.


  • Certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS 1175 Security Rating Classification 3. Offering external access by key only, this door set incorporates one lock as standard. An additional lock can be added as an option.